Care Plans for Pets Now Being Offered Locally in Enterprise


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This time around, Double Arrow Veterinary Clinic of Enterprise is offering healthcare plans for pets. The plans are intended to make it simpler for pet owners to set aside cash and budget for healthcare needs. This also involves regular vaccines for pets in a monthly billing plan.

“We’re providing these plans so pet owners can afford to look after their pets a little better,” said Dr. Randy Greenshields. “We like to see the issues beforehand before they end up becoming problematic. Preventive healthcare plans keeps everyone positive and lets pets be healthier and happy, and letting them live a little longer.’

Cost for preventive plan packages for a pet is around $20 to $50 monthly. Plans are made to keep pet owners updated on essential vaccines, screening, routine exams, and exams/procedures. They’re easy and manageable since they come with timely reminders.

Plans also consist of co-pay arrangements for pets who are sick. This makes it possible for clients to schedule a checkup at a smaller rate to urge owners to bring animals in without having to worry about full exam payment. Unlimited toenail trims is also another feature seen in pet plans.

Dr. Greenshields and his colleagues also made a decision to provide yearly savings of $100 to $200 for every plan.

Here are the facts:

• A clinic is offering pet healthcare plans for pet owners at an affordable monthly pricing.
• Doctors from the clinic are encouraging pet owners to subscribe to preventive healthcare plans to improve pet quality life and wellness.
• Plans help update on routine checkups and shots while cutting on exam fees.

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