Cat Videos For Charity!

You mean I can help a charity by watching cat videos?



A good cat video can do many things.

It can put a smile on your face when you need it most.

It can give you something to forward to your friends when you want to share the adorableness.

And it can give you something to do when you’re sitting on the bus and need a daily dose of cuteness. However, now a cat video can do much more than make you smile and say “awww.”

It can also help to save a species from the possibility of extinction.

Save Wild Tigers, a charity that attempts to assist our striped feline friends, has launched The Kitty, a YouTube channel featuring 100% cat content. The channel seeks to use proceeds to further increase the number of wild tigers and ultimately save the species, which has seen low numbers recently.

This is an amazing idea to combine everyone’s love of cat videos with an effort to save the beautiful creatures at the same time.

Because YouTube is such a popular place for cat videos, opening a channel with charity in mind is the perfect way to make the best of the entertainment site.

Plus it gives me even more reason to put on a good cat video. Which reminds me, I should really get back to watching cat videos.

Help a tiger, watch a kitty at:

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