Labrador & Bengal Kitten Friendship Is Heartwarming


Is there anything better than two great things coming together? Like mixing peanuts and M&M’s to get Peanut M&M’s. Or Pretzels and M&M’s to get Pretzel M&M’s. Or M’s with M’s to get M&M’s.

Sorry, I was very hungry when I wrote that opening part.

labrador bengal kitten friendship video adorable

Well, what happens when you mix a relaxed labrador and a Bengal kitten? You pretty much get one of the most adorable things this hungry article writer has ever seen.

As the lab named Tucker peacefully sleeps the day away, a young Bengal kitten approaches him curiously. Surveying the new potential friend, the kitten does the most logical thing: crawls into its arms to say hello.

And how does the much larger sleeping animal respond? A very lazy look and right back to sleep. I guess we’d all react the same if we were just in the middle of a nap.

The best part about this video is seeing the two slowly becoming friends as the day goes on. From lazy apathy to well-rested affection, you see Tucker begin enjoying the company of his new furry friend. They begin hanging out, enjoying the sun, and beginning a long quest to return the ring to Mordor. Oh wait, wrong friendship story.

You know what they say, curiosity made a best friend for the Bengal kitten. At least I think that’s what they say. Clearly, this is one of those videos you can’t watch without letting out an “awwww”. Or even a “ohhhhhh”. But why am I telling you all this? Go watch the video, it’s right there!

Written by Anthony