Hilarious Family Puppy Contract

The Funniest Family On The Block Is Getting A Dog


Whether you’ve been on the side of the child or the adult, you’ve likely gone through the following debate.

“Mom/Dad, can we get a dog?”

“No.” “Mom/Dad, can we get a dog?”


“Mom/Dad, can we get a dog?”


Rinse and repeat.

However, one dad has decided to approach this age-old debate in a different way.

Instead of just giving in or flat out refusing, he came up with a brilliant way to make sure he wouldn’t be the only one caring for the dog: a contract.

Hey, it never hurts to teach your children the basics of contractual obligations when they’re young, does it?

Family dog contract

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Some of the greatest parts of this contract? Where to even start?

It all kicks off with the ultimate rule that the dad is never to clean up the dog’s waste. (Which already make him the envy of pet owners everywhere.)

Beyond that, there is a line ensuring that, no matter what, the dog will be excluded from mention on the family Christmas card.

A bit on the Scrooge-ish side, but comical nonetheless.

However, the absolute best part of the document is as follows: “Dad has unrestricted veto power over the dog’s name.”

I’m really surprised that’s not the case in more households to be honest.
Overall, it’s nearly impossible to read through this without laughing.

It really makes me realize I’m pretty lucky to have gotten a dog as a kid, let alone one without contractual obligations.

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