Cat Litter and Dog Waste Bags Generates $3.5B Market in Pet Clean-Up


Base on the latest report from Package Facts, clean-up products for pets generated $3.5 billion last year, thanks largely to accelerating sales of dog waste and cat litter waste bags.

cat litter is a stinky billion dollar industry

Titled as “Pet Litter, Clean-Up, and Odor Control Products: U.S. Market Trends,” the report found that the overall worth of pet clean-up market has gone up by $3 billion in 2010. This is a representation of a 3.4% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for the time period.

It’s estimated that such market will scale as high as $4 billion by 2020. Two biggest factors influencing the market are increased cat litter growth (including online cat litter purchases), and increased dog waste bags use.

Cat litter, by far, is the biggest category in the clean-up as well as the odor-control market, generating close to $3 billion in sales plus an 82% market share last year.

Survey from Package Fats in April 2016 indicate that 11% of feline owner have litter products sent to their homes.

An extra 39% are showing interest in having it delivered in the future.

The dog waste bag category is set for further expansion.

Waste pickup items are playing an important role with plastic-based shopping bag taxes becoming frequent in the U.S.

The report breaks down the market by subdividing into: litter boxes and accessories, puppy, training pads, and accessories, cat litter, pet clean-up odor control sprays and concentrates, and dog waste bags and accessories.

It breaks down history market projections and sales, and makes an analysis on marketing trends.

Here are the facts:

• $3.5 billion was generated yearly on cat litter delivery and dog waste products in 2015
• Cat litter items occupies the biggest pet clean-up item and market shares last year.
• Dog waste bag products will soon expand in the near future.

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