Petsent.com aims at keeping you entertained with quality content. In the light of this goal, we also curate materials from sources all over the web and we take it very seriously.

If we promote content from your website, it means we think your content is awesome, well-written, valuable and deserves to be shared everywhere.

We don’t only excerpt your content, we ensure that there’s a link back to your website. In fact, we even urge our readers to read content from the original source. Entertainment aside, our goal is to help you get more audience by disseminating your best content. We promise to curate your content and credit you it the way we expect others to curate and credit us for ours.

If for some reason you don’t like us excerpting your content, feel free to contact us and we will take down your work from our website immediately. We will even include you to our list of sites to never curate from if you ask.

And if you think we haven’t credited you enough for your work and want us to give you more credit, we’d be happy to do that. All you have to do is contact us.


Please take note that we also publish user-generated content. While we encourage them to follow our curation policy, we may not be able to scrutinize every single submissions.

Nevertheless, we are very happy that a lot of websites love what we do and enjoy the additional exposure that we provide. They really appreciate that their contents are quoted, referenced, discussed, debated and linked to. These translate to wider reach, more traffic, and eventually more profits for their websites!

Feel free to excerpt as much content from our website as you want. All we’re asking is for you to credit where credit is due and for you to encourage your readers to visit our web page. That is the spirit of social sharing!