Vet Extracts Glue from Dog; Finds Surprising Result


Lake, a Weimaraner, is stuck in an unusual situation.

At just 6 months old, the curious dog took out a half-empty Gorilla Glue from the trash and had a small taste.

What followed were a series of events the owners never expected.

“I never thought of anything unusual,” said Krystal Wilson, the dog’s owner. “That was until she started to vomit later that night.”

After she failed to get answers from Google, she reached out to Lake’s vet, Dr. Leonardo Baez, from Midtown Vets.

“I can really sense a mass,” said Baez. “It’s as big as grapefruit.”

Surgery was imminent.

Like any pet owner, Wilson was worried. “I was freaking out real bad,” she said.

The operation took a couple hours. What the doctor ended up extracting from Lake’s belly appeared to be something of a science experiment.

“We appear to have taken out a perfectly sculpted aspect of her stomach,” said Baez. “Within the mold, we saw bottle bits and grass.”

Lake seemed to be back to her normal self after a few hours. Moral of the story? Never leave super glue within reach from kids… and pets.

“If you don’t deal with the situation quick, any organ could tear,” Baez said. “It was an urgent situation.”

Baez is worried of children getting their hand on super glue.

“It’s cool,” he said. “But never try it.”

Here are the facts:

• Dog pries a half empty bottle of super glue from the trash bin and tastes a bit of what was left.
• Dog vomits and pet owner brings her to the hospital.
• Surgery was done and doctor removes a perfect sculpted stomach from the glue that was swallowed.

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Written by Anthony