French Bulldog Begging For Couch Time Video

Who could refuse this face?


When a dog wants something, it’s going to let you know.

When it has to go to the bathroom, you’re sure to hear a ton of whimpering, whining, and even a little barking. When it’s hungry, you’ll be the first to know about it.

And when the mailman comes by, your dog will surely let you know how much it wants to chase it. (Even though with my dog, it’s more than just the mailman. It’s everybody that walks by.)

Well, today we see a dog that has one thing on its mind: getting on the couch. And it sure wants to let its owner know.

The little French Bulldog will stop at nothing to let everyone know that it needs to be on the couch as soon as possible.

And really who could blame the little pup?

Couches are amazing!

Guess where I am as I write this?

You got it: a couch. (Is your mind blown?) And the owner should be jumping at the chance to spend some couch time with an adorable French Bulldog.

Let’s just hope this video had a happy ending and the pup’s dreams of sofa cuddling time were fulfilled.


Written by Anthony