Feline Fly Swatter


feline fly swatterFlies have always been quite a nuisance.

From getting them in your food to having them buzz around your face, they always find a way to annoy you no matter what. And that wouldn’t be a huge problem if not for the fact that they’re also nearly impossible to catch.

They’re so fast and agile they can get away from pretty much anything. Except, magically, the elusive flyswatter, which seems to be the only way to get rid of them.

But not everyone has a flyswatter handy all the time. Especially because they get pretty gross after awhile.

So why not try a more DIY approach to getting rid of the little bugs? And no, I don’t mean trying to wire your own bug zapper. Because that could be painful.

Well, the person in today’s video certainly had a pretty interesting flyswatter alternative: his cat. When he sees a fly, well, flying around, he holds his cat up to do the dirty work.

Interesting touch, I must say.

Overall, our pets can be many things.

They can be our personal alarm system. They can be our companions. They can be our cleanup crew when we drop food on the floor.

And, after watching this video, they can now be flyswatters.

It’s pretty hilarious to watch this cat used as a fly prevention tool. But why listen to me? Watch the video and judge for yourself!

Written by Anthony