What’s That Noise?

Meet the screaming pug


Screaming pug videoDogs tend to make some interesting noises. From barking to whining, they’ve got quite the vocal range.

You especially know this if you’ve heard one trying to sleep after a big meal. Although I suppose we’re all like that, aren’t we?

Well, of all our canine friends, I’d say that pugs make some of the most interesting noises. They’ve got a tendency to make some snarls, growls, and snorts that you’re not likely to hear from a Golden Retriever or a German Shepard.

However, isn’t that part of why we love them so much?

Well, while you may think you’ve heard all the noises you possibly could from our little pug friends, it’s doubtful you’ve heard them scream.

Yes, you read that right. In today’s video, we see a pug making the noise you’d least expect from such a cuddly little creature: a piercing scream.

The most interesting part about the video is that, even though it’s definitely not the most pleasant sound in the world, this pug still manages to be adorable. What other animal could possibly pull that off? Well, maybe a French Bulldog. Or a Yorkie. Or pretty much any adorable puppy to be fair.

But still! This little pup manages to maintain its adorableness even while it destroys our eardrums.

Written by Anthony