Puppy Hates The Paparazzi


puppy hates the paparazziSome people just don’t like to have cameras around.

How often have you read a story about a celebrity breaking someone’s camera because they were being a bit too obnoxious?

I guess I could understand that.

Even though I’m not exactly a celebrity. Well, not a celebrity yet anyway. You just wait until I get discovered by some talent agent! Crazier things have happened.

Well, today we see one particularly adorable celebrity throwing an adorable little fit at the paparazzi. And by paparazzi I mean somebody trying to get video of this fuzzy little friend.

Yes, we see a little Golden Retriever puppy who is simply not a fan of camera time. And it wants the cameraman to know that.

However, while it’s often uncomfortable and a bit cringe worthy to watch celebrities flip out on camera, this little puppy simply makes it a true “awwww” moment.


Written by Anthony