Dog Vs. Cat Commercial


cat v dog commercialIt’s long been a rumor that cats and dogs don’t get along. From every old cartoon I’ve seen, the dog chases the cat. (Albeit while the cat chases the mouse.)

But is that rivalry seen in real life?

After all, cartoons aren’t always a representation of real life. Which I found out pretty quickly when I was a kid.

Well, if you were to watch today’s video, you’d believe the whole dog-cat rivalry is absolutely in full swing.

In the video, we see a typical Meow Mix commercial.

Doesn’t sound like anything too special, right?

Well, immediately the television showing the commercial is “attacked” by a Jack Russell Terrier.

And this isn’t simple playful behavior. This puppy really did not want to see that cat-centric commercial.

Now, one has to ask himself, is the puppy flipping out because of the cat or because of the cat food? Is this a dog that really does dislike cats as we see so often in cartoons?

Or was it accidentally fed cat food once?

I guess any of us would be a bit upset after that. Or is it even that the dog doesn’t care for the little Meow Mix jingle?

Actually that one might be the reason.

Whatever reason you may believe, this is one of those essential pet videos that you simply have to watch.

Even if you don’t believe in the whole cats vs dogs theory. Wait, wasn’t that a movie with Jeff Goldblum?

And am I going off track because I can’t think of an ending for this article?

The answer to that is a more clear cut yes.  

Written by Anthony