Begging Boston Terrier Is A Crack Up!


I’ve talked before about the rivalry between cats and dogs and whether or not it’s a real occurrence or something we simply see in cartoons.

Well if today’s video is to be believed, it’s 100% real and happening right before our eyes.

A cute little Boston Terrier has apparently lost its favorite toy, a small tennis ball. And whose paws does the toy end up in?

The household cat of course.

And is the cat willing to give it back?

Absolutely not.

Throughout the video, we see the dog beg and growl for the cat to give the toy back, with the cat lazily looking up every once in awhile.

It seems to know exactly what the dog wants!

While it may not be the nicest feline in the world, I can admit it makes for a very adorable video. Even if I would have totally just given in and handed the ball to the dog after about thirty seconds. But that’s just me.

Written by Anthony