Dog Water Gun Fun


Dogs sure do love their water.

boxer watergun funWhether they’re lapping it up on a warm day or swimming in any pool or lake they can get into, our canine friends just have a certain soft spot for the wet stuff. And today’s video is definitely an example of that.

The video showcases a large Boxer dog receiving some friendly sprays from a water gun. Sounds basic enough, right?

Well, it goes much deeper than that, as this Boxer doesn’t just bask in the water, he drinks every single drop.

Each time the alligator-shaped water gun shoots more water, this huge pup jumps mouth first, making sure it doesn’t miss a single drink.

The most amazing part of this video isn’t even just the dog’s determination to get the water. It’s how excited the dog is, as it excitedly jumps toward the stream of water shots.

However, we’ve all had those days where we’re just like this dog. On a warm day when all you need is a little hydration, I think we’d all be jumping to the water gun shots just like this big pup.

Well, it is a bit sunny out today… Perhaps I’ll go and do that myself.

Written by Anthony