Clumsy Kitty


Cats aren’t always known as the clumsiest animals.

In fact, they always seem to have a certain elegance to them, like they’re always walking down the red carpet.

However, it’s also well known that “curiousity killed the cat”. Well, that’s not exactly the case in today’s video. It’s more like “curiosity makes the cat look really silly in a hilarious internet video”. Not quite as catchy, but you get the gist.

The video showcases one of our furry friends scrounging for some food. Which, to be honest, I can totally relate to.

The cat finds some food in the form of a bowl. The only problem? This particular bowl is up on a ledge. But that doesn’t stop the cat from trying mightily to gracefully grab the bowl…and knock the bowl over hilariously.
It’s not even the fact that the cat knocks the bowl over, but watching it run frantically from the scene of the crime might be my favorite part.

It knows what it did was wrong. And it’s not going to take the blame.

Written by Anthony