Indian Vet Creates Customized Cart to Help Injured Dog Walk


A vet from Bengaluru, India, created a special device made to help a dog suffering from an injury to walk again. The cart is made to fit the body structure of the dog while allowing for full mobility.

The video showed Dr. Madan Kompal fitting Tommy (the dog) with his new contraption. The cart let prompted Tommy’s hind legs to be suspended from the ground. This lets him use his front legs to be mobile. The positioning of the legs and the wheels behind him lets him move around safely and swiftly.

Based on multiple reports, Tommy was hit by a vehicle. His injuries were deemed serious, but he survived. Despite being alive, he couldn’t use his hind legs. The pet owner was worried and attracted the attention of Kompal. The doctor decided to give a helping a hand by creating a customized cart.

vet invents new cart for injured dogs
“I made this on my own,” said Kompal. “The cart is easy to fix and take apart. Just loosen or tighten the clip. Dimensions of the cart are adjustable depending on the convenience of the dog. The cart wheels has ball bearings to ensure the Tommy’s hind legs won’t touch the ground.”

Here are the facts:

• A vet from India created a special cart for an injured dog.
• The pet owner was worried of his dog’s unusable hind legs and the vet stepped in to help.
• The vet proudly displays the easy-adjusting cart for the dog.

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