Cat’s Funny Not-Quite-A-Toy Video Is A Favorite!


cats funny favorite toy

Animals tend to make some interesting choices when it comes to their favorite toys.

Sometimes they’ll choose some old sock to play around with or a childhood stuffed animal you had laying around.

Or you could be like my dog who plays with a toy that looks just like himself.

He must be a bit of a narcissist, right?

However, the pet in today’s video not only has an interesting choice when it comes to toys, but an adorable one.

The Siamese cat carries around an inflated Happy Birthday balloon, happily sprinting around the house holding it.

Now, while this video is obviously awesome on its own, one has to wonder how exactly it got the balloon in question.

Did it simply have it lying around its house after its owner’s birthday party?

Or did it actually take it from someone else’s birthday party?

Or, even more adorably, was it this furry feline’s birthday?

Yeah, let’s go with that one.

Written by Anthony