Dog Protects Owner from Snake Attack


David Crowell and his four-legged partner, Tumbleweed, were always close. Their bond grew stronger when the husky-mix shielded his owner from a rattlesnake attack one Sunday afternoon.

German Shephard saves family from rattle snake

David was picking plums outside when he suddenly saw Tumbleweed sprinting to him and jumping back. Puzzled, David looked at what his dog was looking at: a rattlesnake sitting at his feet.

He didn’t notice one hour later when Tumbleweed started to swell up. It took time to sink in but he realized his dog was bitten on the nose by the snake he encountered earlier. If it wasn’t for his pet, he wouldn’t been bitten.

He drove this dog to the Animal Medical Center in his hometown in Hesperia. Tumbleweed was given an immediate dose of antibiotics, anti-histamine, and anti-venom. This time around, the dog is recovering and ready to be taken home.

Staff at the animal center are all too familiar with the scenario. In fact, they’ve already treated several dogs for snakebites before Tumbleweed.

The staff have offered tips to protecting dogs. For one, dogs can be given a rattlesnake vaccine yearly.

David thinks his dog now is more than just his best friend.

“Now I look at him as my hero,” he said. “He saved my life. If it wasn’t for him, I might’ve been the one struggling to recover.”

Here are facts:

• Dog curbs rattlesnake attack by protecting owner.
• Dog is brought to animal center for treatment after owner realizes his pet was bitten.
• Owner very thankful that his dog saved him from the attack.

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