Dog Paw Health Tips: 7 Things You Need To Know


A dog’s paws are like your feet.

When they’re healthy and in good shape, you hardly think about them at all.

But if one gets hurt for some reason, it can make everything harder, as simply getting around is painful.

The same goes for your pooch.

When there’s a problem with a paw, it can often lead to a lower mood and other problems.paw health tipsThe solution is often simple prevention and maintenance. Checking your pet’s paws and doing simple things like trimming nails is all it takes, frequently, to keep your pooch happy.

Written by Flo

I am a writer and pet lover living in the Pacific Northwest. I own 2 cats, Bella and Junior, and they are adorable :) I have been an animal advocate and human companion for several dozen animals over the years. I have raised Cockatiels, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, and a tortoise. Writing is my second passion and writing for Funny Pet Stop is a fantastic match for me.

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