Dog Fear and Aggression Genes Related to Human Anxiety


Dogs and humans have quite a few similarities.

We’re both fairly emotional creatures.

dog behavior genes related to human anxiety

We both enjoy treats, be it an ice cream sundae or some bacon-flavored dog snacks. We both enjoy taking a nice nap under a sunbeam. (Seriously, have you ever done that? It’s absolutely incredible.)

Heck, it’s even said that dogs seem to look more and more like their owners as time goes on. Although that may be because my dog has learned how to use hairspray and a comb. It’s a very good trick.

While there are also some differences between humans and dogs (I would probably never go for walks if my dog didn’t constantly remind me), we are ultimately similar creatures.

After all, we are both mammals.

See, I did pay attention in science class. Take that, sixth grade science teacher whose name I forgot!

And, not only do I have more reasons we’re similar to dogs (we both are scared of the vacuum.

Well, at least I’m scared of using it), I’ve even got science to prove it!

You see, new research has found some genetic connections between human anxiety and fear and aggression in dogs.

While I could tell you all about the science mumbo jumbo involved with the link, let’s focus on the most important thing: there is a true connection between humans and dogs.

It’s just like every movie with a boy and his dog taught us: we’re connected as species.

So the next time you see your dog just as scared as you are when it’s thundering outside, remember how connected you are.

And maybe you should both get a treat.

Thunderstorms can be terrifying.

Written by Monty

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