Samoyed Snow Adventure: See This Puppy In The Snow For The First Time!



There’s something amazing about seeing dogs try something new.

Whether they’re swimming for the first time or even playing their first game of fetch, it’s always wonderful to see the excited look on a dog’s face as they take in a new experience..

And, usually after the experience, they want to try them out again and again.

After all, remember the first time you gave your dog a treat? They wouldn’t leave you alone for months, would they?

However, one thing in particular is always amazing when dogs experience it for the first time: snow.

Whether they’re having an amazing time or don’t quite understand the freezing powder, watching a dog enjoying its first time playing around in the winter is a magical experience.

Samoyed Puppy Sees Snow For First Time

Well, that’s exactly what today’s video is all about.

We see a Samoyed puppy running around the snow.

While it may take some time to warm up to the snow (which is kind of ironic, isn’t it?), by the end of the video this little puppy has become a full-on snow dog.

Not only does this video remind me of every time I’ve taken my dogs out in the snow, it makes me excited to take any future dog I have out for a winter adventure for the first time.

I’ll keep a mental note to film that when it happens.

And post it.

And get millions and millions of views. And become an internet celebrity. It could happen, right?

Written by Anthony