German Shepherd Vs. Snowman: Video Will Make You Smile :)


German Shephard vs Snowman

Dogs and cats have had a feud going back for years and years now.

There have been movies, TV shows, and probably even books to show that. I could find out, but I’m not really in the mood to do any research.

However, is it possible that there’s another feud out there? Do dogs have another enemy we’re not quite aware of? Well, if you believe this video, then yes they do.

Today’s video shows the ongoing feuds we may not all know about: German Shepherds vs snowmen. I’m as surprised as you are.

You see, we begin with a large German Shepherd jumping around in the snow.

Which, in itself would have made for an amazing adorable video. But there’s more.

Upon its owner’s request, the German Shepherd attacks a nearby snowman, happily watching it fall apart.
For anyone who doesn’t believe there’s some kind of rivalry going on here, I urge them to watch this video.

That German Shepherd obviously has some score to settle with its snowman enemy.

But why?

Did the snowman get more attention than the dog for a little bit?

Because trust me that would make my dog angry as well.

Whatever the reason, this is one adorable (yet mildly disturbing) look at what happens when you pit a dog against a snowman.

Written by Anthony