Dog Feast Delivery!


Subscription services are a wonderful thing.

Being able to get anything from razors to toys in a convenient monthly box delivered right to your doorstep is, as you’d imagine, pretty awesome.

And one thing that’s very popular when it comes to subscription services is meals.

There are many services that will send over easy-to-prepare meals whenever you’d like.

Which is great if you’re someone like me that prefers couch time to grocery shopping time…

…and doesn’t really know much about cooking.

But what if there was a subscription service that had all the wonders of a human meal service, but for our furry friends?

Well, the people at The Farmer’s Dog have decided to find out.

Photo Courtesy Of Bizjournals

The startup, which aims to feed quality food specialized for pups, is now available across the nation.

Founded by co-founder Jonathan Regev, the company wants to give pet owners the option to give their furry friends something with a bit more nutrient content.

Because food meant for humans can be detrimental to a pet’s health, they need something with a bit more substance than the basic options available.

That’s where The Farmer’s Dog comes in.

Providing some high-quality meals for our beloved furry friends, The Farmer’s Dog seems like a great way to provide our precious pups the food they need.

If you think your dog deserves something a bit different than the standard giant bag of dog food, this is definitely something they may be interested in.

Plus you could set up a whole little dinner table for them and everything. With fancy napkins and everything.

That would be adorable.

Please do that.

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Written by Anthony