Bright Future For Injured Dog


Sometimes a story can be a bit of a downer, but have an optimistic future.

Sure, there will always be bad things that happen in the world. But there will also always be good people with big hearts.

Such is the case in today’s story.


Janko, a mastiff-mix was shot by a police officer in Miami Gardens in an apparent misunderstanding.

The dog, who had been initially rescued from a nearby shelter, was back in the same shelter less than six months after being adopted.

Apparently, Janko’s family didn’t want to deal with the dog after it required such medical care.

Thankfully, there was somebody with a huge heart willing to take care of the pup.

A woman named Jennifer Diliz will begin caring for Janko, in addition to making sure he gets the medical attention he needs.

While there will always be bad things that happen in this world, it’s always refreshing to know there are truly caring people like Jennifer out there.

Let’s all just hope that Janko is able to recover quickly and live a full, happy life.

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Written by Anthony