Best Buds Adopted Together


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Everybody needs some friends around them.

Whether to just have some people around you to give you a ride to the airport or someone to pick you up from the airport, everyone needs those people in their lives to give them rides.

Oh, and to spend quality time with as well.

That’s good too.

While human friends are well and good, what about our animal friends?

They could always use some companionship as well.

I should know, I saw that one video where the dog and the tiger are good friends at least a thousand times.

That video sure got me through some tough times…

Wait, I’m going somewhere with all of this, right? Probably.

In today’s story, we see a couple of animal friends that are pretty much raising the bar on cuteness.

PJ and Brando, two puppies rescued around the same time, have become the best of friends.

Not only have they become best buds, but the two were adopted by the same family!

Now, I know this is a pretty cute explanation so far. But what if I also told you there tons of pictures of them hanging out, cuddling, and overall being best friends?

You’d probably be racing over to see them ASAP. I know I did.

The pictures of the two hanging out are just the cherry on top of this adorable sundae. Let’s hope we get more updates about these four legged best friends as soon as possible.

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Written by Anthony