10 Most Common Reasons Dogs Go To The Vet


3. Arthritis

Arthritis can be caused by a number of factors, but whatever the cause, it’s not a lot of fun for your pup.

Essentially, arthritis is an inflammation of the fluid, cartilage, and bone that make up any joint.

This can lead to other problems, but in any case, it is usually painful.

Dogs are usually pretty active, and that means a lot of wear and tear on their joints.

The delicate cartilage that protects the joint can also simply break down with age.

It can be difficult to diagnose arthritis, as there are few outward signs that your dog is arthritic.

Essentially, the biggest symptom is the pain that they experience.

This can be difficult for you to recognize until your pooch is already in so much pain that they start vocalizing, or moving stiffly.

During a regular checkup, however, your vet will usually check for signs of arthritis.

This is one of many reasons a regular checkup is important.

There are a number of treatments, and in general, the care of companion animals has greatly improved in the last few years.

Joint supplements and massage can also help.

Your vet can help you figure out what’s best for your dog.

Written by Flo

I am a writer and pet lover living in the Pacific Northwest. I own 2 cats, Bella and Junior, and they are adorable :) I have been an animal advocate and human companion for several dozen animals over the years. I have raised Cockatiels, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, and a tortoise. Writing is my second passion and writing for Funny Pet Stop is a fantastic match for me.